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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, December, 2005.

Magic Curry House

472, XianZheng 2nd Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
(03) 558-4755, (03) 558-4756
Hours: 11 am-2 pm,
5:30-9:30 pm
Credit cards are accepted.
No Smoking. Parking is convenient.


--By Kristy Liu Translated by Cara Steenstra

Coming off of the interchange and into the newly popular ZhuBei City and you will soon find the magical looking Magic Curry House. The owner, who has a passion for curry, warmly explains the story about this Magic Curry House. With the support of her good friends, she opened Magic Curry House with the aim of creating a wonderful atmosphere where customers will feel relaxed and happy, where it is bright during the day and romantic in the evenings. The interior is decorated in contrasting orange and green colors, with some Latin-style decorations. The feeling is very modern and with its comfortable chairs and nice music, the atmosphere is most definitely laid-back.

The owner enjoys making changes, and these include changes to the menu, the decorations and even the utensils she uses. For example, the original and special Japanese-style hot pots where slowly replaced by French-style copper pots.
Most customers here are office workers or people who come for family gatherings. Apart from different styles of curry dishes, such as green curry, Indian curry, English-style curry, Japanese-style curry and Magic Children's Meal, there are also other dishes available, such as Italian pasta, French-style Magic Pork Chop, German Pork's Knuckles and much more. Meals are priced between NT$280 and NT$560. Everything is cooked with natural spices and fresh ingredients. While the popular Coconut Green Curry tastes pretty spicy, the curry flavor comes through the coconut aroma and does not overwhelm the taste of other ingredients. Another clever combination is their Soft Shell Crab, which comes with a special sauce. Those who love spicy food can try the English-style Chicken Curry, tender chicken with fragrant curry that is cooked to just the right consistency makes it irresistible.