Taichung tennis spots

By Helen Young
Translated by Anna Yang

Being ranked as Taiwan's "most livable city", Taichung has the perfect climate for outdoor activities, including tennis. There are several hard and red clay courts in the city with public tennis courts available close by Yingcai Children's Park and Wenxin Forest Park (by HuiZhong Road). Schools such as Feng Chia University, Tunghai University, Providence University and National Taichung University of Education are also equipped with hard courts, available to students on weekdays and open to the public on weekends and holidays. If you're interested in learning the sport, there are also tennis schools and clubs providing professional coaching for individuals or classes of 2-4 people at different ability levels, plus summer camps

Hope Tennis Academy
This academy has eight red-clay courts and its website lists local and national tennis competition information. The school also hosts monthly local competitions. Besides recruiting memberships, the academy offers lessons at all levels--from beginner to professional levels--taught by local and foreign coaches in Chinese, English and French.
231, ShanXi Rd, Sec 2, Beitun Dist; (04) 2299-0088
Hours: 8:30 am-9:30 pm (hours may vary on holidays, open year-round)

Taichung Tennis Academy
This tennis-training center provides an extensive variety of sessions for all skill levels.
Located at Taichung Park's red clay courts (near intersection of ShuangShih Road and ZiYou Road).
0919-049-134 (Ms. Lin)和0919-049-334 (Coach Anderson)

Taichung Tennis Teaching Center
A professional tennis coaching team led by Coach Chan Chi-shang provides a variety of lessons, including tennis player training programs, children's tennis sessions and leisure tennis sessions.
Lessons provided at 4 different locations:
The hard court next to Daqing Railway Station (DaQing St, Sec 2, South Dist)
Tunghai University hard court (1727, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 4, Xitun Dist)
The Affiliated Taichung Senior Agricultural Vocational High School hard and red clay courts (283, TaiZhong Rd, East Dist)
Taichung Park red clay court (near intersection of ShuangShih Road and ZiYou Road)

Taichung tennis spots

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