December 2017 :

The Five Enjoyable Rural Central Taiwan Travel Routes

The Soil and Water Conservatory Bureau of the Executive Yuan's Council of Agriculture has invited National Taichung University of Education Department of International Business Professor Lai Chih-song (operator), Professor Hsu Ker-Tah, and (cooperator), and Kung Chaang-yung (cooperator) to research tourist travel routes in central Taiwan's rural areas -[ more ]

Culture Corner∣ About Town∣ Up Close and Cover Story Features:
Dec. 2017
The Five Enjoyable Rural Central Taiwan Travel Routes Sheng Teng Horse Association
Nov. 2017
The 22nd Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City
Aug. 2017
Chung Tai World Museum 2017 International Digital Culture Forum
July 2017
2017 Shui-Ho Wang Exhibition of Sculpture & Oil Painting
June 2017
Taichung summer swimming pool fun
May 2017
Taichung tennis spots
Apr. 2017
2017 Taichung Children's Arts Festival Air Gene
Mar. 2017
72 Screen Golf
Feb. 2017
Lazer Treks
Jan. 2017
Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center
Nov. 2016
Exploring Hakka Culture in Miaoli
Oct. 2016
2016 Taichung Arts Festival 10/14-12/31
June 2016
Exquisitely delicate eggshell porcelain from a Taichung artist
May 2016
2016 Taichung International Saxophone Competition accepting applications now!
Apr. 2016
Applied Arts of TaichungYoung Voices of 2016: Graduate Exhibition from 10 SchoolsGo fly a kite in Taichung
Jan. 2016
2016 Taichung Traditional Arts Festival Indoor enjoyment: Tabletop gaming takes off in TaichungTaichung Extreme Sports Park
Nov. 2015
Taiwan Times Village
Sep. 2015
2015 Compass Taichung International Food & Music Festival
Aug. 2015
Jayno Fitness Center
July 2015
Old Japanese Taichung
June 2015
Tennis lessons in Taichung
May 2015
Discovering the spirit of cosplay in Taichung
Apr. 2015
Capoeira Mandinga Taichung Fun, relaxation for all ages at Caowu SquareThe joys of horseback riding in Taichung
Mar. 2015
Central Yoga American conductor Philip Rice returns to his Taichung roots'A drinking club with a running problem': Taichung Hash House HarriersRock climbing in Taichung
Feb. 2015
Welcoming the Year of the Goat in Taichung: Special Events Hsiao Yun Mountain VillaQuiet beauty and enjoyment along the 'Taichung 46'
Jan. 2015
Rediscovering Taiwan the Slow Way
Dec. 2014
New Year's holiday viewing of Qing Palace Theatre drama 'Young Emperor Kangxi and Crafty Regent Aobai'Sound Live House
Nov. 2014
Civic Concerts, The 3rd Taichung Performing Arts Golden Award Activities, and The Completion Ceremony of the National Taichung Theater
Sep. 2014
'A Story of Scotland' in 2014
July 2014
Taichung's traditional markets: A one-stop destination for fresh fruit and vegetables
June 2014
'Fun 10' Taichung Cultural Creative Top 10 Neighborhoods Touring Exhibition
Apr. 2014
2014 Taichung City Children's Art Festival
Mar. 2014
Light Up Taichung
Jan. 2014
2014 Taichung City Traditional Art Festival
Nov. 2013
2013 International Taichung Mazu Festival play
Oct. 2013
18th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition
Sep. 2013
2013 Rock In Taichung Festival, Sept. 7 & 8
Aug. 2013
2013 "Rock 'n' Share" Taichung Rock Festival
July 2013
Cathay Arts Festival presents: Cloud Gate 40th Anniversary Free Outdoor Performance 2013 Taichung Saxophone Competition now taking applicants!
May. 2013
Growing beautiful, useful herbal plants at home
Apr. 2013
2013 Taichung City Mazu International Festival
Feb. 2013
2013 Taichung City Traditional Art Festival
Nov. 2012
2012 Xinshe Flower Festival: A Sea of Flowers
Oct. 2012
8th Taiwan International Documentary Festival
Sep. 2012
Taiwanese pigeon racing wins local and foreign fansHouli: Taichung's musical instruments capital
Aug. 2012
2012 Taihcung Open-Air Concert Series ∣ 2012 Rock In Taichung Festival
July 2012
2010 Taichung Comic Festival 2012 Taichung Open-Air Concert Series
June 2012
2012 World Book Day in Taichung 2012 Taichung City Arts & Culture Bus
Apr. 2012
Cloud Gate 2 comes to Taichung
Mar. 2012
True Fitness2012 International Mazu Festival: Presenting the thousand-year-old story of Mazu in an all-new way
Feb. 2012
2012 Taichung City Traditional Arts Festival starts on Feb. 12Taiwan From the Eyes of a Foreigner
Jan. 2012
2012's Taichung City Arts & Culture Bus
July 2011
Surf's up in central Taiwan's Da-an 2011 Taichung Jazz Festival Kicks off with a Guinness World Record
May 2011
2011 A+ Design Supreme
Apr. 2011
2011 World Book Day in Taichung
Nov. 2010
2010-2011 English Services Emblem Program: 25 Lukang businesses receive Gold and Silver Certification
Oct. 2010
Jimmy Heath: The legendary 'Little Bird' graces TaichungBalletone: A new fitness fashion for everyone
Sep. 2010
2010 Music Without BordersKlangbezirk brings a cappella joy to TaichungLukang: A historic food paradise
Aug. 2010
2010 Music Without Borders Walking in Nature for Health and Kids' Futures
July 2010
Museum of Alien Studies
June 2010
Traveling through a hundred-year-old town: LukangLow-Carbon, Ecological, Sustainable Taichung Summit and Panel Discussions
Apr. 2010
Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma
Mar. 2010
2010 Taichung Children's Arts Festival'Turandot' Grand Stage OperaProject Pino
Feb. 2010
Free English/Chinese learning the podcast way2010Taichung Traditional Arts Festival
Jan. 2010
A New Ride for a New Life: Advanced Riding ExperienceDesign in Taiwan = Good Living
Dec. 2009
A new ride for a new lifeNantou Jhushan's Tianti (Sky Ladder) & Bagua Tea Garden
Nov. 2009
Las Vegas comes to World Gym in TaichungThe Luxurious New Ride--Recumbent TricyclesThe first food waste recycling area in Taiwan: Taichung City's Yu Le Yuan
Oct. 2009
Pictures and poetry through music: Richard Galliano | 2009 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliner Series: →Pia-no-jaC←
Sep. 2009
World-famous 'Popera' group IL DIVO at Taichung's Fulfillment Amphitheater | 2009 Rock In Taichung | 2009 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliner Series: Enrico Rava
July 2009
All in Texas Hold 'em Poker Club
June 2009
2009 Taichung International Performing Arts Festival
May 2009
Simply Fixed | PK Billiards Plaza
Apr. 2009
2009 Nationwide Creative Environmental Protection Dragon Boat Competition
Mar. 2009
Ark Children's Library | Giving for the future: KIDZ charity supports needy Taichung children
Feb. 2009
A brief look at Sherry
Jan. 2009
2009 Taichung Traditional Arts Festival "The Variety of Taichung"
Dec. 2008
True Yoga & True Dance | Wow, Let Love Arrive Early "Stockings of Hope"
Nov. 2008 Taichung Extreme Games Park | 2008 Taiwan Hot Springs & Gourmet Festival: Come for the hot springs, stay for the history
Jul. 2008
May. 2008
Formula One dreaming at Rosso Karting Sport | Athena Fitness Center
Apr. 2008
From NYC to Taichung: A modern dance partnership ''Moves the Spirit''
Mar. 2008
Enjoy a fun weedend at the Tada Center
Feb. 2008
Hope Market | Taiwan Balloons Museum
Jan. 2008
A Day Trip to Changhua Coastal Industrial Park
Dec. 2007
2007-08 Taichung Performing Arts GPS | Taiwan works to make travel and recreation more English-friendly
Nov. 2007
Sep. 2007
The Beauty of Checheng

Aug. 2007

Fun Fly | Keep Screaming for Spinning- Part Two
Jul. 2007
Taichung Children's Art Museum | Start Screaming for Spinning – Part One
May 2007
Dancing in the spring breeze | Tiger Sports Stadium
Apr. 2007
Visiting the Rukai on the east coast
Feb. 2007
Formosa Overseas Study Center
Dec. 2006
Taiwan's kids embrace the "Beautiful Game"
Sep. 2006
Compass Lifestyle English
Jul. 2006
Momo Fitness
May 2006
Dosha - Aveda Concept Salon SPA
Mar. 2006
Shanlinxi's March 'national beauty and heavenly fragrance'
Feb. 2006
Ba Gua Mountain Butterfly Farm
Jan. 2006
This evening∣ Taichung steps into international limelight: 20∣000 citizens hear a 'Voice kissed by God' | The halo around DaDu Mountain: The all-new Tech Mall Shopping Area
Dec. 2005
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra: 2005 Taiwan Symphony Music Festival
Nov. 2005
TianWei Highway Garden- Visiting the Home of Flowers
Dec. 2004
16 TaiChung Attractions
Nov. 2004
The Beauty of Taichung's Ancient Temples
Oct. 2004
16 TaiChung Attractions
Sep. 2004
Taroko Sports Plaza (TRK)Enjoy Motel2004 Taichung Cultural Season – Color the City Art Festival | 16 TaiChung Attractions
Aug. 2004
Finding The Best SwimsuitWest Coast Wind-SurfingMaster Lin Chih-chu preserves the beauty of glue-color art
Jul. 2004
2004 Men's Summer FashionGetting Close To Nature: Whale WatchingAn Amis master keeps bamboo beauty alive
Jun. 2004
Nan Shan Education & Training CenterEvening Wear: Let's Jazz It Up!Kiteboarding
May. 2004
Exploring the PyramidsSummer 2004 Trend Watch: Optimism
Apr. 2004
Party DressExploring the Pyramids: Ancient Egyptian Art from The Louvre
Mar. 2004
Summer 2004 at a glance: Color trends | International Dajia Festival Celebrate Matsu's birthday
Feb. 2004
The Ultimate Beauty Of Eastern Women--Belly Dancing | Bohemia sweeps through Taiwan
Jan. 2004
The 2004 Taiwan Flower Expo;2004 Spring And Summer Purse Trends
Jul. 2003
Hitting a high note at Rooftop Theatre with the LoShang Theatre CompanyKeeping up with hairstyle trends
Jun. 2003
Ocarina culture gets a boost from a young musicianBairs Eye Clinic Laser Vision Center ; Keeping up with hairstyle trends
Taichung artists bring environmental art to MatsuThe Summer of Contradictions
Apr. 2003
10∣000 years of Native American history at the National Museum of Natural Science | A Hot Summer Beach Sexy Contest
Mar. 2003
Ken Chih-yu brings Taiwan's Aboriginal villages to TV audiences | Accessories are back!
Feb. 2003
The artistic side of biomedical research at the National Museum of Natural Science2003's Very Feminine SpringWin Heart Dental ClinicWarner Gold Class CinemaNational Veterinary Hospital (Peitun Branch)
Jun. 2003

Stock 20 is an active artists¡¦ village created from abandoned railway warehouse Girl's Leading Spring/ Summer Fashion

Nov. 2002
616 Art CollectiveThe trendy and retro∣ bold and sexy sides of denim
Oct. 2002
Feeling exotic charm in this year¡¦s autumn/winter fashions ¡Standing Stationary Posture¡¦
Sep. 2002
Chi Mei MuseumSkirts take over as the summer¡¦s hottest trend
Aug. 2002
" Maya: Mysteries in the Jungle" comes to the Taiwan Museum of Art "The Shades of Summer"
July. 2002
Sculpting from the heart: An interview with Liu Mao-lung
Jun. 2002
In Memory of an Outstanding Man and Artist: A tribute to Max Liu
May. 2002
Creativity + A Search for Truth = Box Office Rewards?
Apr. 2002
Uwe Mertsch:A well-traveled∣ multi-talented artist
Mar. 2002
Feb. 2002
A Walking Tour of Taichung's Historical Sites
Jan. 2002
A Cultural Mecca Amidst the Rice Paddies
Nov. 2001
An Exclusive TAIWAN FUN Interview with Matthew Lien
Oct. 2001
Chinese Tea and Traditional Chinese Music
Sep. 2001
Discovering the Roots of Taiwan's Earliest People
Aug. 2001
Joseph Needham (1942-1946): A Special Exhibit of the National Museum of Natural Science
July 2001
The National Taiwan Craft Research Institute
Jun. 2001
Shui-li Snake Kiln Ceramics Cultural Park
May. 2001
8 1/2 Classic Theater
Apr. 2001
Terracotta Warriors
Apr. 2000
Ancient Egypt on Display at Taichung's Science Museum
Mar. 2000
Taiwan Folk Medicine
May 1999
Morrison Museum of Natural Science
Dec. 1998
The Chai Hsing Villa

What's New Locations From Past Issues:

July. 2003: Rosso Karting Spost
Apr. 2003: Angsana City Club | Hacienda II Guest House& Cafe | Jen-Ai Hospital Baby Web
Feb. 2003:
Win Hert Dental ClinicWarner Gold Class CinemaNational Veterinarty Hospital (Peitun Banch)
Jun. 2002:
National Museum of Natural Science
Nov. 2002:Advance International CorporationSmart Language Consulting Center
Sep. 2001:
World GymAction & Power Fitness CenterTop Billiards Museum Plaza and Pub
July 2001:
8-23 Memorial ParkTe Do Long Happy World Great American Balloon WonderlandSunny Gym
Jun. 2001:
Billiards Sports Center
Apr. 2001:
National Museum of Natural science
Mar. 2001:
Taiwan Museum of Art
Dec. 2000:
Jmatrix Gym
Nov. 2000:
Taichung Metropolitan ParkUCI CinemasNana's Haunted House
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