Taichung Extreme Sports Park

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

One of Asia's largest private extreme sports venues, Taichung Extreme Sports Park is a completely-enclosed, 13,200-square-meter facility whose indoor facilities all meet international competition ESPN standards. The site includes a Class "A" park stadium (dedicated to competitions and practice), Class "B" park driving range (novice practice area), 3.6-meter U-shaped half-pipe-shaped course, 2.4-meter U-shaped half-pipe practice area, 7-meter and 14-meter rock-climbing walls, paintball course, elevated rappelling course, basketball courts, ice rink and other facilities.

Taichung Extreme Sports Park Taichung Extreme Sports Park

The main "B3" sports focus here encompasses skateboarding, rollerblading, and extreme biking. These three extreme sports share similarities with action mainly divided into mid-air movements and balancing acts. Extreme sports (X-Games) originated in the United States and is a "fusion" of man and nature. Through the mastery of tools and control, participants are challenged to the greatest extent of their human potential to strive towards exceeding limitations in sports in order to achieve heightened pleasure and acquire greater physical strength.

Driving the popularity of extreme sports is the fact that participation doesn't require Hercules-like muscles, the height of a basketball player, speed of a sprinter or foot-eye coordination of a soccer player. Rather, it is the ability to control the tools with techniques, courage and a spirit of adventure, This means that any pursuit at the Taichung Extreme Sports Park can be mastered with a professional coach to instruct on safety guidelines, including the proper safeguards.

Taichung Extreme Sports Park Taichung Extreme Sports Park

Fees: BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, surfboarding weekdays NT$50/person; holidays NT$60/person. Indoor rock climbing is NT$350/person for 3-5 people (30 to 90 minutes) or NT$300/person for 5-20 people (1.5-2.5 hours). Rock-climbing is NT$200 per day per person (limit 3 hours)--3-day advance reservations required.
Paintball activities, facilities, equipment and coaches must be booked in advance. Groups of at least 8 people and at least 5 days' advance booking are recommended and fees range between NT$400 and NT$2,000. If you don't have equipment and protective knee guards, these may be rented.

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