7 Fen Yao

By Sky
Translated by Anna Yang

The beauty of pottery is derived from a complex, but necessary, process that includes clay being molded, glazed and fired at high temperatures. Pottery artist Chang Li-fu founded the 7 Fen Yao pottery factory for the purpose of promoting and teaching pottery arts. Here, teachers instruct visitors from all over in the art of pottery-making, covering the steps of gathering raw materials, clay molding and repairing, glazing and firing with straightforward guidance that makes everything more fun and interesting.

7 Fen Yao 7 Fen Yao

Taking place on a factory site covering over a thousand square meters, the enjoyable lessons start with the simple task of centering the clay on the potter's wheel, followed by opening it up from the middle. As they continue, visitors learn to set the depth of the pot, pull the clay upward, shape the pot's style, make repairs, and remove the molded work from the wheel. This then needs to dry before it is sent to the kiln. The budding pottery makers will later receive their completed creations within a month, depending on the climate.

Besides pottery lessons, the factory also has a botanical garden that grows vanilla and other plants, allowing guests to learn about pottery and flora varieties at the same time. Previously, the factory did not offer any meals on site. However, due to repeated inquiries about food, the owner developed seasonal vegetarian plate options cooked with items like Taiwanese ginseng, Madeira vines, fireweed, Taiwan Velvet plants, radishes, watercress, fern leaves, pig weed, and potatoes leaves.

7 Fen Yao 7 Fen Yao

7 Fen Yao
(04) 2582-0717, 2582-0718
1, KunNan St, KunShang Village, Xinshe Dist
Visiting hours: Tue to Sun, 9 am-5 pm (closed Mon)
Vegetarian meal set are NT$250/person
Pottery-making session: NT$300 (including materials and firing)

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