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Seeking Motel


Seeking Motel


Seeking Motel

(04) 2451-6777
98, QingHai S Rd, Xitun District
Hours: 8 pm-12 pm, 10 pm-12 pm
Check-in time: weekdays 8 pm-12 pm the
following day; holidays 10 pm-12 pm
the following day
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.
Parking available.

As this motel's name hints, you may have to look for it a bit carefully before finding it, at the intersection of Qinghai South and Liming roads near the Fengjia Night Market shopping area. Overall, its architectural style is simple, but exotic, with the 5,289-square-meter motel containing 59 rooms, averaging between 53 and 463 square meters per room. Standard room prices run between NT$5,500 and NT$39,000 (weekdays 50% off and holidays 40% off; no service charge). Normally, every standard suite can accommodate two guests, with an additional NT$500 charged for a third guest. Seeking Motel also offers short-term rates covering a minimum of three hours (NT$830-1,630/3 hours). Its conference hall holds at least 20 people and an additional NT$800 per person charged from the 21st person. Short-term rates for a minimum four hours of use are NT$11,000-NT$13,000. For room guests, a breakfast buffet is also available daily between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. with about 20 Chinese and Western food/drink selections. --By Niang Chen, translated by Angel Pu

A. The Bali-style conference hall can be used for meetings, karaoke gatherings and parties. There is a swimming pool with a fountain in the outdoor area, and the motel provides a projector and karaoke machine. The hall also has attached rooms where participants can take a break.

B. Room decor options include the all-pink Hello Kitty style, luxurious Shanghai style, and tranquil zen style. The zen room has a pool made with Chinese cypress and an outdoor area. Indoor, there are a huge Japanese-style room and a children's room, making it suitable for families with kids or elderly members.

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