Beacon Hotel


Beacon Hotel


Beacon Hotel

427, FuXin Rd
(04) 2451-5828
Credit cards accepted.
No restaurant service charge.
Parking lot. Wireless Internet.

Situated near the Fengchia Night Market McDonald's, Beacon Hotel is an old hotel that has undergone a new, modern makeover. Now a fully renovated, youthful-looking establishment, the hotel is equipped with all the latest gadgets and offers a wide range of services to guests. The lobby is on the 12th floor with a large window providing good views of the city and the busy night market from the restaurant. --By Niang Chen, translated by Naomi Lai

A. The 12th-floor restaurant serves various NT$219 Italian set meals, such as the Risotto with Mushroom Beef Red Wine set, which all include an entree, salad, bread, soup, dessert and all-you-can-drink beverages. There is also tea set (NT$189) including a choice of cake, cookies, croissant or waffle. All of these sets are designed and priced with student budgets and the Fengchia Night Market area in mind.

B. Spacious, clean rooms (NT$3,000-5,600, 10% service charge) are around five to 12 pings in size and come with amenities that include five-star blanket-and-pillow sets, TV, newspaper, breakfast, welcome snacks and beverages. Discounts are available during weekdays.

Beacon Hotel C. Beacon Hotel also includes hostel-style lodging, costing NT$600-800 per bed (bunkbed-style). Each bed is equipped with an independent bedside lamp and locker. The public bathroom includes separate showers, providing travelers with convenience and privacy. Hostel stays also include a breakfast buffet and all-you-can-drink coffee bar with beverages.

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