Sato Castle


Sato Castle


Sato Castle


Sato Castle

(02) 8502-7585
75, JingYe 2nd Rd, Taipei City
Reservations available from 8 pm Sun-Thu and from 10 pm Fri/Sat.
On weekends/special holidays, they accept
customers only on a first-come,
first-served basis (12 hrs).
MRT: JianNan Station

A visit to Sato Castle, located within Taipei's boutique motel hub in the Dazhi Redevelopment Area, is like entering a fantasy world of movies and fairy tales. Guest rooms are decorated with movie themes such as Spiderman, Pirates of the Carrabean, The Matrix, and Superman, while other rooms have cartoon themes that will take you back childhood memories of The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Popeye. In fact, just about every corner of the motel is filled with similarly unique displays and decorations. The owners have tried to create a fantasy-filled space to stimulate their guests' imaginations, and have also followed a "D-Link" concept, equipping all rooms with high-tech Blu-ray video equipment, to ensure that all guests can enjoy top-quality films in the comfort of an amusingly-decorated setting. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. The motel's exterior is much like that of a classic golden castle, giving Sato Castle some of the most unique-looking architecture in the the very modern Neihu Science Park district.

B&C. Each motel room has its own unique setting and design. With special lighting and other technology-generated magical effects, guests can truly feel like they are far away from home, living in a romantic fantasyland. There are four main room types at Sato Castle--King, Queen, Castle, and Knight. Guests can either choose for stay for a few hours (2 hours for NT$1,080-2,280), or stay overnight (NT$2,800-4,800/night). What's more, you can take some time to try the Sato Spa services available within the motel.

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