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Love Motels In Kaohsiung- The Best of The Rest

Here in Taiwan, fancy motels are a big business. In recent years, as more and more of these luxurious locales have opened, it seems a sort of competition has sprung up among proprietors; they want to discover who can provide the greatest variety of services in the most elegant surroundings. Room sizes vary from about 10 pings to 80 pings; at the most luxurious, some of these suites are even 120 pings--they're what the business refers to as "six-star."

Owners decorate their rooms with romance and elegance, glamour, even underwater themes. They create city villas and pack in super modern amenities and extras like king-sized beds, Nintendo Wiis, fancy shower heads, spas, saunas, milk baths, private outdoor swimming pools and courtyards with waterfalls, the list goes on and on. And whenever guests get tired and hungry from swimming, spa-ing, and playing video games, room service is just a phone call away. So here they are, a sampling of what the city has to offer--Kaohsiung's luxury motels.

*The prices listed below are for your reference only. Please check with the hotel ahead of time to confirm accommodation costs or ask about specials.


Since we can't visit them all, here is a list of other Love Motels in Kaohsiung for you to try out for yourself...

Yu Su Motel (07) 553-2236
311, WenSin Rd, GuShan District

Han Guan Boutique Motel (07) 349-0000
156, ChongDe Rd, ZuoYing District

Hua Yang Motel (07) 550-1160
221/223, MeiShu N 3rd Rd, GuShan District

Sun Garden Motel (07) 555-2788
333, MeiShu E 4th Rd, GuShan District

The River Hotel & Motel (07) 223-3288
128, SianJhen Rd, LingYa District

Spring Motel (07) 552-2626
25, MinCheng 4th Rd, GuShan District

Merry Seasons

Merry Seasons

28, Lane 203, YiShin 1st Rd,
CianJhen District
(07) 752-7699
24 hrs
Credit cards accepted.
English and Chinese menu.

For those looking for a change in scenery from the hustle and bustle of Kaohsiung's city streets than look no further, Merry Seasons Motel has all the bells and whistles with none of the noise. Located on YiShin rd about twelve blocks from JongShan Road, Merry Seasons has spared no expense, from the hand-crafted window panes to the goose feathered pillows to the complimentary bath robes; one can see that this motel has paid extra attention to the details. The hotel boasts sixty decadent rooms that offer a fifty percent discount on weekdays and a thirty percent discount for the weekend. For the young romantics who are looking to spice things up check out the VIP rooms that come complete with KTV, heated swimming pool and one's own personal garage. To arrange a room be sure to call ahead as occupancy fills quickly for the weekend. --Text and photos by Evan M. Gioia, translated by Ann Lee

Merry Seasons


Warner Motel

Warner Motel

222, ReHe 2nd St, SanMin District
(07) 313-2307
24 hrs
Credit cards accepted.
ID needed.

Warner Motel is an amazing getaway that has been open for less than a year. It hosts an impressive 48 rooms to choose from, each of which has its own unique movie theme. There are four classes of rooms ranging from "economic" to "presidential". Each room comes equipped with a Jacuzzi, sauna, private outdoor area, KTV, huge selection of movies, spa, drinks and snacks, and two TVs (a 50" and 20" for the Jacuzzi).

What makes this motel special is that they focus on privacy and romance. No detail was overlooked when constructing this oasis, making it a very romantic getaway. Three hour rests range from NT$1,200 to 3,500 while a full night (12 hours) can cost anywhere from NT$2,800 to 8,800 . You can phone in a reservation or show up at the door. Upon your visit you will receive a discount coupon good for the next visit. Special room rates are available now.

Have a romantic time… --Text and photos by Alon Klekner, translated by Ann Lee

Warner Motel Warner Motel


Eden Exoticism

Eden Exoticism

1685, YuCheng Rd, GuShan District
(Close to YuCheng Rd and MingCheng Rd.)
(07) 555-2348
24 hrs
Credit cards acepted.

Eden Exoticism is beyond a boutique motel. Their rooms provide a unique opportunity to travel the world in exotic styles and tastes. Many are themed around well known vacation spots, such as the Bali Island, Mediterranean and Nederland rooms, while others lend themselves towards erotic role-playing, as the Devil's Island, Seduction and Batman rooms do. All rooms have a large swivel-mounted flat-screen TV, Jacuzzi with TV, and completely private balcony. Massage chairs and divans are relaxing and come complete with a copy of the Kama-Sutra. Room service offers a large selection of food and massage aids. The staff is discreet and friendly; check in and drive directly into your room's private garage without leaving your vehicle. Weekly rates are cheaper; you can rent the room for a night (NT$2,900-5,500), or just two or three hours (NT$900-2,200) of relaxation. Some Chinese ability would be an asset as the Motel's rates and amenities are all listed in Chinese. --Text and photos by Colin Brown, translated by Ann Lee

Eden Exoticism Eden Exoticism


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