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Powerhouse International

(02) 2778-9725
177, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4, 3F-3
Hours: 10:30 am-11:30 pm
MRT: ZhongXiao/DunHua Station, Exit 2
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.

Although we can't see ultraviolet radiation with our naked eyes, its damage to the skin cannot be ignored. While dermatologists advocate taking sun-protection measures, people still long for an all-over tan and that golden bronzed look. In addition, one can wear as little as a bikini and sunbathe for some color, but still end up with tan lines. As a result, tanning salons began to pop up in the '80s, offering an indoor tanning solution for those who wanted the sun-kissed look without worries about rainy days. This also allowed tanning time and environment to be carefully controlled, not to mention a private area for nude tanning. --Written and translated by Diva Yang, photos by Andy Lin

A. Taipei now offers tanning salons, with Powerhouse International introducing expensive tanning beds from the U.S. These not only to give you the healthy glow of all-over tan, but also are equipped with a special pulsating LED unit for photomodulation beauty treatments.

B. There are also tanning booths that allow you to strip naked and get tan while standing up for 10 minutes. From the outside, these tanning booths have a space shuttle-like look to them. First timers can come in for a session every other day, approximately three times a week. Depending on your natural skin tone and ideal tan color, the number of tanning sessions may vary. Once you've achieved the gorgeous tan you want, just come in once a month for maintenance. You can also apply tanning lotion to your skin, choosing from different lotion brands and ingredients to get the best result. Fees vary as follows: A single session is NT$250; five sessions purchased in advance are NT$1,000; it is NT$1,750 for a month pass, NT$4,500 for three months, NT$6,500 for six months, and NT$10,000 for one year pass (which includes complimentary tanning lotion worth NT$800).