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National Animal Hospital

Taipei Branch: 13, Lane 30, JiuZong Rd, Sec. 1, Neihu District: (02) 8791-8706
ZhongHua Branch: 311, WenLin Rd, Shilin District (02) 2881-4750
Hours: Taipei Branch: 24 h
ZhongHua Branch: 9 am-9:30 pm

The National Veterinary Hospital's Taipei branch is the biggest animal hospital in northern Taiwan and is open 24/7. An outstanding group of doctors work at the facility and connect themselves with the biggest specialized veterinary website in the United States (Anfield, the pet hospital). This way, doctors can exchange ideas on diagnoses for unique medical cases any time. On top of that, the hospital offers a pet-treatment service, not unlike babysitting, so you can leave your pet at the hospital for treatment?ou just need to go through some registration procedures. Doctors will leave notes on your pet's diagnoses, so different doctors can continue with the treatments. Pet owners can come back to retrieve their pets when treatments conclude. The National Veterinary Hospital has rooms where pet owners can stay with their pets and keep them company when they are ill. There is also a special DNC pharmacy for pets, where owners can purchase medical or health-related products for their pets, according to what the professionals recommend.

Recently, the National Veterinary Hospital signed an agreement with the Taipei's Pet Club (an association for the protection of stray cats), whereas all the stray cats delivered to the hospital by certified social workers will receive a proper contraception operation free of charge, plus other medical treatments paid at basic costs. All in all, these will reduce the association's monetary burdens and make an animal's life happier and healthier. --By Eden Lin, translated by Ann Lee