167, AnHe Road, Sec. 2
(02) 2378-5678
Hours:6 pm-4 am

--By Phill Feltham, translated by Josie Wu

This new, chic martini bar is a good alternative to the many busy bars on AnHe Road. The glass walls fronting the establishment showcase the decor and splendor inside, making this spot hard to miss. Owner Pauline Lin says her newly-opened investment mirrors much of her personality and expresses pride that Paulina's is one of the few martini bars in Taipei. The classic gin or vodka martinis are NT$280, as are cocktail martinis like the Side Car and the Rose Petal. If you're in the mood for fruit martinis, then try their Starburst Martini or Lychee Martini (also NT$280 each).

A. Martinis are for strong drinkers. Paulina's fruity martinis cater to those who love to taste the fruits of life. The pictured raspberry martini appears friendly but packs quite a punch. If fruity martinis don't entice, then try the classic martinis.

B. While entranced by the music, watch sports projected onto the white walls. The downstairs atmosphere is described by Pauline as the public and intimate intertwined. You can reserve this roomy space for birthday parties, business celebrations and other private functions.


Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.