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The Taiwan Beer Bar

85, BaDe Road, Sec.2, Taipei
(Entrance on Weishui Road just around corner)
Tel: (02) 2771-9131
Hours: everyday 11 am-12 midnight


By Mark Payne Translated by Judy Chao

Despite the ever-increasing array of fine beers importedto "la isla formosa", Taiwan Beer still maintains a place in many a drinker's heart. It's not just that it's so refreshingly cheap; it's also a decent brew. The numerous awards the beer has picked up over the years stand testimony to this. For many, though, Taiwan Beer is the drink at home in the refrigerator, or the lubricant of choice for a day on the beach-while trendier, imported beers take our hard-earned dollars in the bars and clubs.
There is a bar in town, however, in which you can enjoy freshly brewed Taiwan Beer and nothing but-The Taiwan Beer Garden. Opened in March, this place is a bar, beer garden, KTV and showroom/shrine to Taiwan's very own amber nectar. The inside is a light, airy space with plenty of large tables for groups to sit, chat and drink. They also have a number of trophies and awards elegantly displayed, which helps create a unique blend of bar and tourist attraction.
Two things make the Taiwan Beer Garden really worth a visit. First, the beer garden. With plenty of seating, this is an ideal place to come with friends for an afternoon of good company, good beer and good times, all while enjoying the fresh (ish) air and sunshine (typhoons permitting). Taipei is a city with relatively few outdoor drinking venues (the deck at Carnegies being a notably excellent exception to the rule) so, if this is what you're after, the Taiwan Beer Bar is a great choice.
Secondly, "it's the beer, stoopid!" When we say the beer is fresh, we mean it's FRESH! In fact, if the beer is not sold on the day it's brewed, it's given away to local grocery stores. Not only that, the price is also fresh! A nice cold 500cc glass will set you back a mere NT$50, while you can get a monster 1000cc for NT$100. All I can say is that you'd be mad not to get to the Taiwan Beer Garden ASAP.