Le Meilleur

Le Meilleur

Le Meilleur

Le Meilleur

Words by Josie Wu
Translated by Niccole Yang

139, ZhongXiao E. Rd., Sec. 5, 2F, XinYi Dist., Taipei City
(MRT Taipei City Hall Station Exit No.4)
(02) 2756-7788
Hours: 24 hours
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.
Chinese and English menu.

More than 20 years of operating an old-style western restaurant, the owner of Le Meilleur opened this steakhouse after a Japanese grill. The interior decoration is an industrial style which is very popular now. In order to attract people who shop, watch movies and go to pubs, this restaurant is open 24 hours a day. People who watch midnight movies or go to night clubs can enjoy steak meals here. There are 108 seats, including window seats and general seats, and one large and small box.

Many guests come here for the U.S. Choice Rib Eye Cap series and the owner uses Choice or Prime beef grades, around 8~12 ounces, costing from NT$880 to NT$1480. The owner bought a Josper oven from Spain and uses it to roast beef with Longan wood, Litchi wood and Longan Wood charcoal at under 250~300 degrees Celsius, and you can smell the fruit fragrance as you taste it. The chef controls the time based on the thickness of the steak, and then bakes the steak in the MONTAGUE oven at 1600 degrees Celsius for 50 seconds. The steak has a crispy outside and soft inside. You can also enjoy other steaks, pasta, pancakes, afternoon tea and some dishes that pair well with wine.

A. US. Choice Rib Eye Cap (8oz, NT$1180) with black truffle and PORTE wine sauce has two different set options priced at NT$150 and NT$180. Besides steak, the chef cooks the beef for 72 hours with red wine sauce and there are other creative dishes such as salmon roll with lemon, fennel and yogurt sauce and Crab pumpkin soup with truffle.

B. Outside of main meal times, a lot of people come here for business and chatting. Sauteed Shrimp with Mushroom (NT$280) is the most popular choice that goes with wine. Tiger prawn is grilled with garlic, mushroom, tomato and vegetables.

C. Smoked Beef Salad (NT$280) is a medium well-done sirloin steak with sesame leaves and pineapple slices roasted at 80 degree Celsius. It is another appealing dish that goes with wine.