Terroir Parisien bistro

Terroir Parisien bistro

Terroir Parisien bistro

Terroir Parisien bistro

Terroir Parisien bistro

Terroir Parisien bistro

Terroir Parisien bistro

Words and photography by Josie Wu
Translated by Angela Cheng

4F, 45, ShiFu Rd, Xinyi Dist, Taipei 101 Mall, STAY restaurant at 4F
(02) 8101-8177
Hours: 12 pm-3 pm, 6 pm-10 pm
10% service charge, credit cards accepted, Chinese/English/French menu
Price: Up from NT$380, and offer meal set NT$1,580

In 2011, there were two fashionable Paris taste representative global restaurant brands stationed in Taipei 101: Simple Table Alléno Yannick (S.T.A.Y) & Sweet Tea was led by Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin chef Yannick Alléno who never forgets Taiwanese diners expectations and works in person several time bringing the global popular dishes.

Yannick Alléno was born in lle-de-France in the suburbs of Paris and his parents ran a small bistro. Recalling his interesting memories, growth background and constantly exploring exquisite delicacies led him to a deeper realization: "We often ignore a true Parisian Terroir, filled with the beautiful culture and customs of Paris, the true source. We should reinterpret its culinary history and rediscover those products that were about to disappear!" So, in 2012, the first simple and original Paris concept Terroir Parisien bistro was born with a Parisian perspective and presenting a simple authentic Parisian style. Since they have opened a second branch because it was always too popular to find a seat. So, this time through Taipei STAY chairman Jerry Chiu's sincere communication, Terroir Parisien bistro has a chance to meet Taiwanese customers at a Pop-Up Shop for 14 days from July 14 to 27 and at the same time with French national day. STAY will be transformed into Terroir Parisien bistro and let everyone to have a taste of delicious local Parisian homemade dishes.

A. "Charcuterie bar" is the most popular part of Terroir Parisien bistro. With a secret family recipe of marinated pork, various homemade jelly, Parisian style sausages, crispy pies, smoked ham, black pudding meat jelly, etc. all served on the table and immediately captures Parisians memories of homemade food. In addition, for more a more fun atmosphere combining wine and food, STAY specially imported a variety of selected wines from small French wineries with wingle cup from NT$350.

B&C. Chef Yannick said, "being able to offer a collection of charcuterie at Terroir Parisien was just not avoidable. It is part of my work on the Terroir and it directly comes from our gastronomic heritage." For those who are not familiar with Parisian authentic local dishes, then this is definitely a good opportunity to experience it.

D. Using the local ingredients is one key concept at "Terroir Parisien bistro", except for some special rare ingredients need importing. Chef William Girard thrives on the idea of combining in local ingredients, helping the local farmers development. After many experiments with new dishes such as "Classic leeks salad with ravigote dressing" using Nantou high mountain leeks, he has created some amazing appetizers.

E. "French black pudding and smash potatoes" (NT$980) is commonly known as "blood sausage", is common in Europe.

F. "Monk fish matelote, red wine sauce & boiled potatoes seasoning with appetites" (NT$980) is one of the entrée choices.