Kiko's Diner with Sanrio

Kiko's Diner with Sanrio

Kiko's Diner with Sanrio

Kiko's Diner with Sanrio

Words and photography by Josie Wu
Translated by Angela Cheng

7, Alley. 7, Lane 205, ZhongXiao E. Rd., Sec. 4, Daan District
(02) 2731-9135
Hours: 10 am-10 pm
10% service charge, credit cards accepted, Chinese and English menu

Kiko's Diner with Sanrio is a restaurant packed with Hello Kitty, Kiki & Lala and other popular Sanrio family dolls and is full of childhood memories for big girls and dreamy happiness for little girls. After a three month trial, the world's first American restaurant combined with Sanrio family characters officially opened in the East district, Taipei.

When you walk through the restaurant, you will see the cute Sanrio dolls inside Kiko's Diner's large window. Perhaps to balance out the effect of the sweet and cute dolls, the store's interior design is more rugged and neutral and to let all ages friends find a favorite small corner.

Besides standard American burgers and pizza, they mix American foods with Japanese taste and style--such as their pancakes, which is slightly different from American pancakes. They are more puffy and thicker, which is the popular style of pancake in Japan. Moreover, Kiko's Diner allows customers to make their own choices for the burger, pizza, salad and brunch. For example, with the burger, one can choose the bread, meat or seafood, cheese, sauces and toppings, and potatoes to make a fully personalized burger.

A. Sanrio family dolls are everywhere in Kiko's Diner. It is as if they are accompany you while you enjoy your meal, which makes little girls happy and is also good for family dinner on weekends.

B. Hawaiian Classic Loco Moco (NT$290) originated from Japanese immigrants in Hawaii Strawberry Milkshake (NT150)

C. Hello Kitty American Pancake with fruit.