Banagreen Saladeria Cafe

Banagreen Saladeria Cafe

Banagreen Saladeria Cafe

Banagreen Saladeria Cafe

Banagreen Saladeria Cafe

Banagreen Saladeria Cafe

Words & photo by Josie Wu
Translated by Holmes Chang

33, Ln 513, RuiGuang Rd, Neihu Dist, Taipei City
(02) 2797-2795
Hours: 11 am- 9pm
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
English and Chinese menus available.

For as little as NT$168 for lunch or dinner (no service charge), you can order a main course such as Sauteed Beef with Japanese Sauce or Japanese Teriyaki Roasted Chicken Breast. Those entrees come with salad as well as a wooden container containing three side dishes, which are not they typically dried radish, dried tofu, or marinated egg. Instead, the sides include Hometown Tender Fried Mushrooms, German Sausage Wine Pasta, Whisky Olives with Red-Yolk Eggs, Shrimp Spiced Olives, Cod Roe flavored with Braised Potatoes, and so forth. The restaurant serves both cold and hot appetizers, and you can simply select three choices from nine options. Banagreen is a surprisingly good place to fill up!

After hearing a broadcast by Chao Shao-kang on the dietary concept using less oil, salt and sugar and no MSG, Banagreen's manager Su Chen-hao decided follow these essential guidelines and make this a challenge for self-improvement. He also offers healthy, affordable, and tasty options arranged in semi-buffet style for both lunch and dinner. There is also WIFI, power outlets, and TV showing continuously on the second-floor. Here is a good place for workers to have meal in weekdays and on days off, it's a good place for friends reunions and family gatherings.

A. There is a big menu hanging against the wall. After you pick one of the ten main dishes, you can choose your favorite salad dressing from options such as banana yoghurt, orange apple, Modena balsamic and others. Then, choose three side dishes for an array of nine options. Most of dishes are inspired by the chef, including a variety of vegetarian options. The chef also frequently like to mix it up with new options, creating new balanced, healthy options. The main course price includes the salad and the three side dishes, but those who are hungrier can add additional sides for NT$30 each.

The manager recommends the Italian Rice Dish for its great flavors plus a bowl of one of six soup options, such as onion soup or vegetable soup (NT$30). Soup options change day-to-day.

B. Beef Stew with Red Wine & Yolk (NT$268) is the most expensive option in the menu, however, it has remained a popular main course since it was launched. An interesting feature is called the "sunspot", the bright egg yolk with a drop of wine vinegar. Mixing up the savory beef with the stew pairs nicely with a bowl of rice.

C. Banagreen's menu is the creation of a pair of chefs, one skilled in Italian-style cooking and the other Japanese-style cuisine. Choices such as Deep Fried John Dory Fillet with Almond and Kiwi Sauce (NT$238) and the Banagreen Salad with 3 Side Dishes (NT$138), were created with foreign businesspeople in the neighbourhood in mind, but they are also healthy options for those who care about their body appearance. In addition, Banagreen provides takeout service with complimentary hot soup for parents with little time to cook into consideration.

D. A crispy--not greasy--Banana Tiramisu (NT$90) is something everyone is fond of! Add a drink at the discounted price of NT$30. They have a drink for every mood, whether than might be a healthy organic tea or vitality-enhancing vegetable & fruit juices.

E. A row of siphon coffee makers gurgle as they brew, with red lights below. Cafe Au Lait (NT$100) is one a la carte coffee option at Banagreen restaurant. Note that siphon (or vacuum) coffee makers take more time to brew than other types.