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Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant (JianKang branch)

Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant (JianKang branch)

Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant (JianKang branch)

Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant (JianKang branch)

Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant (JianKang branch)

Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant (JianKang branch)

Words and photography by Josie
Translated by Angel Pu

156, JianKang Rd, Taipei City (opposite to Songshan Armed Forces General Hospital)
Hours:weekday lunches NT$680; weekday dinners and holidays NT$820; afternoon tea NT$540
lunch 11:30 am-2 pm; afternoon tea 2:30-4:30 pm, dinner 5:30-10 pm
10% service charge. Credit cards accepted.

These Japanese buffet restaurants, of the well-known Shinyeh restaurant group, has opened five stores in the past 12 years. The area of this newest JianKang branch is about 1034 square meters and it has 6-meter high ceilings. The 270 seats range from private rooms to open dining area.

Shinyeh Japanese Buffet Restaurant provides various dishes made with seasonal ingredients, and the new JianKang branch features more upscale dishes. For example, there are eight choices at the sashimi counter, including Russian shellfish, Japanese sweet shrimps and fresh local fish. At the grilled dish counter, there are Japanese large clams, imported prawns, imported black pork ribs and U.S. Choice beef. During afternoon tea hours, meat dishes such as fresh grilled pork chops, teriyaki chicken legs and Japanese style grilled dried fish are available. With concern for sanitation, the chefs at the sashimi counter change their disposable gloves every three minutes, and the disposable cloth they use is discarded after just one use. Moreover, they sterilize their worktable every 15 minutes so diners can enjoy the delicious sashimi without any safety concern.

A. Currently the JianKang branch's main promotion is to-go lunch for nearby hospitals, schools and offices. Regular items include Pan-fried Salmon Lunchbox (NT$120), Seafood Sushi (NT$140), Veggie Sushi Rolls (NT$100), and Perilla Sushi Rolls (NT$90).

B. One of the most important elements for delicious Japanese food is freshness. There is a low-temperature process room which is constantly 15 degree Celsius. In the room the staff process over 20 fresh seafood ingredients every day, and the distance from the process room to the glass showcase of the sashimi counter is within a minute. The restaurant now regularly provides eight kinds of sashimi, including salmon, tuna, sailfish, skipjack, Penghu cuttlefish and Japanese sweet shrimps.

C. The open kitchen has an elevated large worktable, which allows the diners to enjoy the chefs' moves while they are preparing sashimi.

D. The quiet and elegant long aisle separates different areas, and the Japanese-style rock garden brings a quaint atmosphere to the tatami dining area next to it.

E. The interior of JianKang branch exudes a traditional Japanese atmosphere that admires the beauty of nature with modern, stylish, and minimal designs. The glass walls near the street side bring brightness and green into the restaurant.