TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE > September 2013






Words and photography by Josie
Translated by Angel Pu

45, Lane 128, JingYe 1st Rd, Taipei City
(02) 8501-1180
Hours:11 am-10 pm
redit cards accepted.
Taichung Top City branch: 105, Taichung Port Rd, Sec 2, 12F, Xitun Dist, Taichung City
Banciao Top City branch:28, XinZhan Rd, B1, Banqiao Dist, Xinbei City

From the worn wooden furniture and walls to the Taiwanese retro print flooring tiles, to the posters of old movies and retro signs, everything in Foodrepublic is a nostalgic reminder of days past. Not only the decorations, even the music and uniforms of the wait staff—print, scoop-neck shirts and neckerchief—go with the theme. Since the brand opened its first branch in Taiwan in 2011, Foodrepublic already has expanded to three branches, including the Dazhi flagship store, Banqiao Top City branch and Taichung Top City branch. The 2810-square meter Dazhi flagship store is the largest and includes seven restaurants and 21 vendors. It’s conveniently located in the first floor where families can easily visit, choose what they prefer to eat and enjoy the food at the same table.

A. Dazhi branch’s “Sad Super Hot Noodles” is one of the most popular stores here, and it is opening new stores in both the Banqiao and Taichung branches. The noodles in the signature Sad Super Hot Noodles (NT$60) are made with yam flour, and it goes well with the sauce made of chili powder, ground peanuts, peanuts, cilantro, and "house sauce". Sour & Spicy Noodles (NT$160/set) contains the house soup with wonton, beef or duck blood jelly. The fungus salad is a refreshing side dish that goes well with the spicy entrees.

B. Viv Cup crepe originates in Taipei city’s major night markets such as Raohe, Tonghua, and Shilin, and the new developed crepe crust is crispier and thinner. In the Dazhi branch, besides all kinds of salty and sweet flavored crepes, there are the new Fried Taro Ball with Egg Yolk (NT$30) and Surf and Turf Crepe for Two (NT$160) that is bigger than your face.

C. To make sure the ingredients are fresh, Ceaby’s has its own farm in Taoyuan’s Yangmei that provides fresh and quality dairy products. Aiwen Mango Yogurt Soft Cream (NT$75) contains only milk. The slightly sour and creamy flavor is very refreshing. The soft cream comes with a honey wheat biscuit that can be used as spoon.

D. Every branch of Foodrepublic has a different atmosphere. For example, the Taichung store recreates the style of Taiwan in the 50's, the Banqiao outlet mix-and-matches Taiwan’s nostalgic street scenes with western-style houses, and the Dazhi store’s theme is old street scenes of Sanxia, Jinguashi and Dihua Streets—three of the most iconic old neighborhoods in Taipei. All three themes remind diners of the good old days and fun childhood memories.