Fruitful Food

Fruitful Food

Fruitful Food


Fruitful Food

By Josie
Translated by Erica Lin

200, ZhongXiao E Rd, 12F, DaAn Dist, Taipei City (Ming Yao Department Store)
(02) 2771-8832
Hours: Lunch NT$488 11:30 am-2 pm, Weekend Tea Time NT$358 2:20 pm-4:20 pm, Dinner NT$588 5:30 pm-9:30 pm
10% Service Charge, Credit Cards Accepted, English Menu Available.

Determined to break away from stereotypical vegetarian cuisine, Fruitful Food renovated its original buffet restaurant into a new brand name buffet-style restaurant. From the ambiance, interior design, to various items on the menu, including Indian, North African, Spanish, Mexican and eight to 10 other countries' vegetarian cuisine, Fruitful Food is ready to bring a pleasant change. Exotic foods include Middle Eastern pea pies, red wine pear, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), burritos, Indian curry and many others.

Just as the restaurant's full name, "Fruitful Food, Vegetarian Feast" suggests, there is no meat served. Taking people who are strictly vegetarians or people who are vegetarians because of religious factors into consideration, all dishes are color-codedly labelled "strictly vegetarian", "ovo-lacto vegetarian" and even "pure vegetarian (non-allium) (vegetarians who don't eat vegetables in the allium family which contains the characteristic aroma of onion and garlic)". Fruitful Foods are still adjusting the proportion of pure vegetarian(non-allium) cuisine. The buffet area is roughly divided into bread, salad bar, exotic foods, Cantonese style food, hot food, desert, fruits and drinks, all together displaying approximately 80 to 100 dishes. All these foods use carefully selected ingredients. The vice manager Luke Lee says, over 70% of the food in Fruitful Foods are made in the central kitchen, not using frozen processed food but made by hand. "Fresh, Fun, Fit" is the goal Fruitful Foods presents to its customers, and they have incorporated some small changes that are different to other vegetarian restaurants. For example, non-fat, low calories, viable bacteria certified yogurt soft-cream is served instead of ice cream to encourage healthier eating.

A. Dare to try new things--especially in the salad bar. Fruitful Foods provides around 30 different kinds of lettuce and sprouts, along with lots of nuts, dried fruits, pickled foods, cheese and so forth. Eight types of specially made sauce and seven types of spiced olive oil are also featured. Only a small portion is provided to ensure freshness.

B. The delicious Kung Pao Tofu is cooked Sichuan style.

C. The popular Teppanyaki Portobella Mushroom is juicy and fulfilling.

D. A bowl of Sesame Oil Thin Noodles that has the history of over 100 years. Using strictly selected Shuang Fu handmade thin noodles originated in 1968, the high gluten density in the flour makes it chewy no matter how long it's been cooking. Added to the noodles is a special black sesame oil made by Yong He Oil Factory, it's been passed down three generations and definitely cannot to be missed.

E. Basing the concept on libraries, lots of shelves were used in the design, ingredients and books are put on the shelves for decoration.

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