La Boheme Cafe Bistro Et Restaurant


La Boheme Cafe Bistro Et Restaurant


La Boheme Cafe Bistro Et Restaurant

(02) 2368-1086
2, Lane 48, WenZhou St, 1F
Hours:11-2 am
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.
Chinese/English menu.

Andrew Lin was a marketing executive who enjoyed hanging out at coffee shops. He also loved traveling and wondered why most Taiwanese cafes didn't provide food. Then the recent economic crisis became a golden opportunity to open his own cafe. This cozy place, which serves meals all day long (including a weekend brunch), is named after famed Puccini opera "La boheme". And, just as that name suggests, this is a meeting place for authors, artists and musicians, and serves delicious, inexpensive food. Andrew not only offers the 21st century necessity of free wireless Internet but has also thoughtfully installed power outlets under each table. The bookshelf is full of books donated by customers and browsing through the titles provides insights into the clientele. You're more than welcome to grab a book while sipping a coffee for some enjoyable reading. --Written and translated by Diva Yang, photos by Andy Lin

A. There are only 30 seats at La boheme, which serves as a cafe during the day and a bistro at night. This makes it great if you want to chitchat, mingle, work, read, or just daydream, over some music, caffeine, calories and/or alcohol.

B. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Iddido Coffee (NT$170) and Belgian Waffles With 3 Scoops Tropical Fruit Ice Cream (NT$170) will together cool you off in the summer. The coffee has the romantic aroma of citrus, honey and jasmine.

La Boheme Cafe Bistro Et RestaurantC. The German Sausage Selection Plate (NT$180) and La Binchoise Beer (NT$195) from Belgium will help you relax on a summer evening, as taking a bite of sausage and sipping some Belgian beer serves as an instant holiday to Europe.