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Siris Cuisine & Lounge

Siris Cuisine & Lounge

Siris Cuisine & Lounge
Lamb Shank with Vegatable
Red Wine Sauce (NT$560)

Amazing beer and food fusion at Siris Cuisine & Lounge

Written and photos by Cecilia Chang
Translated by Ann Lee

(02) 2733-6215
157, AnHe Rd, Sec 2
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 6 pm-2 am (Last order 12 am)
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

In the earliest days of Western civilization, beer was widely used for trade, currency and, by ancient warriors, as a energy-restoring "liquid bread". Even famed German theologian Martin Luther was known for using beer to release his intense emotions.

When the word "beer" comes to mind, most people immediately think of shimmering gold Pilsner beer. However, since Taiwan's brewery market was opened in 1994, interest and knowledge about the diversity of beer has grown tremendously, as local tipplers have come to understand that flavors range from bitter to sweet, from fragrant to sometimes-fruity micro-brewed flavors. The alcohol content of these beers can range anywhere from 2% to 17%, and colors from light to dark. Acidity levels also vary. In Germany, beer remains an almost-sacred nutritional supplement while in America it is more of a thirst quencher, and in Asia it is often considered a stress reliever and socializing tool.

Siris Cuisine & Lounge first opened in April, 2008 in the Anhe Road nightlife district. Much like the idea of pairing wine and food, this restaurant introduces the idea of beer and food combinations to the Taiwan dining scene. Here, guests can explore close to 130 brands of beer from places like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the U.K. and Czech Republic. Each dish on the menu is labeled with a recommended beer pairing, the kind of meal advice you might receive from a bartender. The beer list is categorized into ale, wheat, stout, mixed and lager, and prices range from NT$180 to NT$350.

This month, this unique establishment presents a new menu, including Lamb Shank with Vegetable Red Wine Sauce (NT$560). Using a New Zealand lamb shank and skilled heat control, the chefs have created a very tender meat dish that comes in generous portions without any unusual aromas. Another new dish is the Sea Bass with Tomato Olive and Olive Oil (NT$480). The fish skin is first grilled to golden crispy, then mixed with a refreshing white wine sauce along with tomatoes, onions and olives. The Deep Fried Chicken with Herbs Spicy Sauce (MT$220) is a creative fusion dish served with a green onion and pepper sauce for a tantalizing flavor.

From May 1 to 31, visit Siris and spend NT$2,000 or more to enter a discount coupon raffle draw (10%-50% off discount coupons to be won). The lounge will also host its anniversary party on June 5 (Friday night), costing NT$500 per person for food, and NT$100/each for drinks like beer or red/white wines. There's no better place than Siris for an unforgettable mix of tasty beer and great food!

Siris Cuisine & Lounge Siris Cuisine & Lounge
Left: Sea Bass with Tomoto Olive and Olive oil (NT$480)
Right: Deep Fried Chicken with Herbs Spicy Sauce (NT$220)

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