Yummy Noodles

Yummy Noodles


Yummy Noodles

(02) 8797-3930
284, RuiGuang Rd (close to GangQian Rd)
Hours: 11:30 am-9 pm
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.

Yummy Noodle owner Mr. Yuan comes from a distinguished family that has been in the restaurant business for the last 40 years. He knows all about Chinese noodles, from northern to southern styles. Yummy Noodle opened nearly two months ago and has become the latest landmark for gourmet noodle lovers. Although the restaurant originally had a three-hour afternoon break, it is now open all day due to popular demand and the work schedules in Neihu Science Park. The establishment is quite unique from most noodle shops, with its high ceiling and spacious seating for 50 (including counter seats) providing a pleasant ambiance. Because the staff of many nearby high-tech companies and TV stations are unable to leave the office for lunch, Yummy offers delivery service for orders of at least NT$300 placed before 11 a.m.--an extra plus for those who don't want to fight through frantic lunch crowds. --Written & translated by Diva Yang, photos by Andy Lin

A. Chicken Stewed with Steamed Vegetable Rice (NT$100) and Cucumber Salad (NT$50) make up a very balanced meal. Stewing the chicken reduces any fat, leaving it juicy, and a lot of green vegetables are used in this dish. The light, never-oily steamed vegetable rice is made with shredded dried scallops, ham, mushrooms and dried shrimp, all steamed in a rice cooker.

Yummy NoodlesB. Braised Beef Noodles (NT$120) and assorted stewed side dishes (NT$50) are ideal for those with big appetites. Yummy Noodle only uses "guan-miao" wheat noodles. Though their cost is higher, they taste better than most noodles out there. For an added NT$10, you can upgrade the noodle portion from standard to deluxe, too. Mr. Yuan makes his excellent stewed side dishes--which perfectly complement his noodles--with secret recipes passed on within his family.