(02) 2536-7553
112, ZhongShan N Rd, Sec 2, 2F
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
(/last order 9:30 pm)
MRT: between Shuanglian & Minquan W Rd Stations
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

Piecettes is a leisure dining space with about 7,200 square feet of space and a capacity of 188 people. The goal here is to provide quality food and service with pricing based on the Michelin guidelines for inexpensive cuisine. When you dine in this spacious restaurant you'll feel like you're in a five-star steak house. The open kitchen overlooks the dining area, allowing customers to peek in on food preparation. Next to the kitchen is the see-through meat storage area where you can view huge blocks of frozen beef in the process of defrosting. If you prefer light meals, order a soup or salad (NT$49 each) or appetizer (NT$59). Pastas are either NT$169 or NT$199, while main courses are NT$249 to NT$349. Add NT$199 to any of these courses for a set meal which includes bread, appetizer, soup, salad, dessert and a beverage. Fans of CAB-certified angus beef will love Piecettes because it allows them to enjoy this healthy, high-quality beef for low prices. The certification ensures that the cattle were raised in a natural environment, were never injected with antibiotics or hormones, and only fed top-quality grain. CAB Beef Short Ribs (NT$349) are tender and sweet. Kids as well as adults will love the Spaghetti with Hamburger Steak (NT$199) because it combines two favorites into one meal. The juicy, fragrant Roasted Half Spring Chicken (NT$249) is also a popular alternative for those who can't eat beef. --Written & translated by Diva Yang

Piecettes Piecettes