Mary Jane Pizza (NTU Branch)


Mary Jane Pizza (NTU Branch)


Mary Jane Pizza (NTU Branch)

(02) 2369-5333
89, WenZhou St
Hours: Mon-Fri 12-2 pm, 5:30-9:30 pm
Sat & Sun 12-3:30 pm, 5:30-10:30 pm
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.

Jane, the owner of Maryjane Pizza, launched her business for the sole reason of wanting to be able to savor her own favorite Italian-style pizzas. With just a few tables and a simple, cozy setting, Maryjane's first outlet provided pizza lovers with a laid-back, youthful-feeling pizzeria in the Shida night market area. Over the years, this spot has gained a good reputation and significant number of customers, who wait in line for their tasty pizzas. Thanks to this popularity, a new branch has been opened in the nearby National Taiwan University (NTU) area. This slightly larger outlet has even better lighting and a small dedicated section for customers to enjoy coffee and pizza outdoors. The price of a 10-inch a la carte pizza ranges from NT$140 to NT$300, and you're also free to create custom-made pizzas with all the flavors and toppings you love. Starting from a basic NT$140, customers can select from a list of 25 toppings, such as pepperoni, anchovies, and ricotta cheese (NT$20-40). A hint: It's best not to use more than five toppings at once. With an extra NT$100, you'll also get a bowl of soup, a beverage and dessert. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. Maryjane-Extra Kind (NT$200) comes with extra bacon toppings. The tempting flavors of chef's homemade basil sauce added to this pizza inspire many customers to order it more than once. The chef's recommended Seafood Pizza (NT$200) comes with a generous helping of shrimp, crab meat, green peppers, calamari and onions. Other staff members recommend the Baked Chicken & Broccoli Pizza (NT$220), a healthy and flavorful option that comes with a combination of tender baked chicken, broccoli and red bell peppers.

B. Sit yourself down at the wooden tables, decorated with colorful cushions, to savor Maryjane's pleasurable, great-tasting pizzas.