N Plus Restaurant


N Plus Restaurant


N Plus Restaurant

(02) 2570-9393
174, BaDe Rd, Sec 3
Hours: 11 am-11 pm, weekends 9 am-11 pm
MRT: SYS Memorial Station
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Chinese/English menu.

As I have not been back to United States for about four years now, I thought I had forgotten the meaning of "American-style food". However, after stopping by N Plus, my memory was quickly refreshed by the big, tasty portions, much bigger then one man should consume. Accompanying its cooking style, the restaurant offers a warm family atmosphere without the corporate feeling most American-style restaurants exude. Owner Danny suggests you stop by and check out their breakfast; thankfully, for those of us who cannot wake up that early, on weekends it is served until 2 p.m. Readers who miss this big, authentic American start to the day, or want to give it a try, should definitely stop by and indulge themselves in the yummy cooking. Just make sure you come hungry! --By Scott Moses, translated by Ann Lee

A. If big burgers are your thing, be sure to try "The Budget Burger" (NT$340). Once again, N Plus presents a dish that screams big American BBQ flavor. It also includes nice Tex-Mex touches with a bit of spiciness. Like most burgers, it is accompanied with good, tasty fries and is more than enough to satisfy Taipei's big eaters.

B. You may want to start your meal off with the New N Plus Appetizer Sampler (NT$480). This monster combination contains veggies wrapped in bacon, fried shrimp, bits of lamb, fried fish, fried crab, mushrooms and, of course, buffalo wings. After sinking my teeth into the wings, I had the sudden urge to grab a beer and play darts. These are not on the menu yet and you'll have to ask for them. In fact, they're still perfecting the ingredients. Also keep in mind that they make their own sauces to accompany the meal--I suggest trying the lemon sauce which, according to the owner, is a hit with the ladies.