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Angela Su

5 Lessons on Healthy Eating

Ingredients of Korean Kimchi Hot Pot for two

Korean Kimchi Hot Pot for two

--only 366 calories!

By Josie Wu Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

My friend recently told about her 60-year-old grandmother who, in the attempt to lose weight, bought expensive dietary products and enrolled in nutrition courses that added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although having a little extra padding is no crime, all kinds of people--including grandmas--consider a couple pounds a frustrating burden.

This month, nutrition consultant/author Angela Su just published her new book "5 Lessons on Healthy Eating". In the book, she explains her theories on controlling blood sugar levels and losing excess weight. If you're looking to watch what you eat a little bit more, then try out this recipe--it won't get you your gym membership money back, but it will save you a few calories.

100g Korean kimchi (spicy cabbage), 300g golden mushrooms, 100g Jew's Ear fungi, 1 handful green bean noodles, 60g chicken breast, 500 cc water, 3g salt, 1 tsp vinegar.

1) Remove the mushroom stems and wash the tops. Break them into smaller pieces with hands. Wash Jew's Ear and dice into thin slices. Cube the chicken breast.
2) Pour water and kimchi into a pot. Simmer on medium heat until boiling. Add Jew's Ear.
3) After water comes to a boil again, add the mushrooms and chicken breast.
4) Add in green bean noodles. Bring the water to a boil again and add salt.

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Tips for your readers:
1) Remember to put chicken breast in the pot last, so the meat stays tender.
2) If you prefer more flavor, add some vinegar or the juice from the kimchi jar.
3) If you like congee, substitute oatmeal for green bean noodles, which makes an ideal breakfast.