By Dipal Khatri Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

55, ZhongCheng Rd, Sec 2 (Dayeh Takashimaya department store), 12F; (02) 2833-6343
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-9:30 pm; Sat/Sun 11 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Parking available. Chinese/English/Japanese menu.

Spoons have long played an important role in dining. Although they are simple utensils, they allow the taste buds to savor aromatic and flavorful cuisine. In the four years since it opened, Spoon Thai restaurant has surprised diners by serving traditional Thai cuisine within modern interiors featuring subdued lighting and elegant seating.

There are many Thai restaurants around Taipei but, according to Manager Kevin, what makes Spoon different is its ability to cater to customers' varying preferences. Chef Jerry alters the strength of piquant flavors to suit the palettes of different diners and cater to Taiwanese customers' preference for light and moderately spicy dishes.

Jerry joined Spoon four years ago and went to Thailand to undergo year-long training in traditional Thai cooking. He then incorporated his knowledge into his individual cooking style to help increase the popularity of Thai cuisine in Taiwan. Jerry believes in cooking with his heart to ensure that food looks, smells and tastes good.
Kevin recommends the most popular items from the menu, which are Broiled Sirloin Beef Salad (NT$320), Green Stir-Fried Water Spinach in Shrimp Paste (NT$200), Steamed Garoupa in Lemon Sauce (NT$650), Golden Curry Chicken with Potato (NT$300), and aromatic Golden Curry Crab (NT$580). Crispy Shrimp Cake (NT$280), accompanied by a sweet dipping sauce, is a favorite among appetizers.

A meal abundant with spicy and strong flavors is incomplete without the mellowing effect of sweets. Spoon's menu offers a variety of Thai desserts; the most popular of is the Thai Style Dessert (NT$80) made with coconut milk, fruit, jelly, and crushed ice.

Spoon offers a range of lunchtime set menus for one (NT$220), two (NT$999), and up to six people (NT$450/each). There is also a VIP room available, with set menus priced at NT$6,000, NT$10,000, and NT$12,000.

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