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Baba ke baba

Baba ke baba

Baba ke babaAvi Fadida has the friendliest
smile. He is very good at
making family-style dishes and
traditional Moroccan cuisine.
With his busy schedule and
traveling between Taiwan and
New Zealand, it's unlikely that
you will see him at the
restaurant, but if you do, don't
forget to say hello!

The Shish Kebab Combo
(NT$300/a la carte,
NT$400/set) is a combination of
barbecued chicken, beef, lamb
and baked potatoes. The
flavors of these meats are
phenomenal when seasoned
with Avi's special spices.

Baba ke baba

Hookahs, Exotic Spices, & Belly Dancing at Baba ke baba

By Joan Chang Photos byAndy Lin
Translated by Ann Lee

(02) 3365-3338
24, Lane 13, PuCheng St.
Hours: Mon-Fri 12-2 pm, 5-10 pm; Sat & Sun 12-10 pm (closed Tuesdays)
Credit cards accepted.
MRT: Taipower Bldg Station Exit 4

Avi Fadida, an Israel native who immigrated to New Zealand, has been making Middle Eastern-style cuisine for over 30 years. He is not only an expert in making these authentic dishes, but also operates his own factory, which makes pita bread and imports exotic spices. After a lot of encouragement from an old friend, Avi opened up a restaurant here in Taipei, so that he could share his authentic Middle Eastern dishes with Taiwan.

Some of the staple menu items in Mid-Eastern cooking include barbecued kebabs and, of course, family-style rice and pita dishes. To keep the food authentic, the restaurant sends their chefs to Avi's restaurant in New Zealand, where they can learn from the right sources. A lot of the spices and ingredients used in making the dishes at Babakebaba are also supplied by Avi's factory, which also helps ensure authenticity. Tagine Spicy Chicken (lamb or beef NT$250/a la carte, NT$350/set) is a new Moroccan dish that's made with a unique "Tagine Sauce" and cooked in a traditional Moroccan pot for about an hour before being seasoned and topped with mint sauce. Its multi-layered flavors go perfectly with the juicy chicken, and the slightly sweet and spicy flavors tantalize your palate.

Apart from the top-quality cuisine, the restaurant's decor is also stunning. Though it only accommodates about 40 people, the whole place looks like an Arabian palace with Turkish carpets, traditional pottery, and sheer, gold curtains separating each private dining area. The line-up of hookahs on the counter is also impressive; they make for a nice after-dinner activity. Of course, Mid-Eastern tunes filter in through the loudspeakers and, on weekend nights, you can expect to see belly dancers perform right in front of you.

巴巴卡巴巴 A recent promotion, the Lunch Special (NT$88) comes with lamb, beef, chicken, eggplant, and falafel, stuffed inside a flavorful pita pocket. This meal also comes with fries and a beverage, so you're really getting your money's worth.





巴巴卡巴巴 Turkish Delight (NT$80) has a tender and chewy texture and tastes best with tea or Turkish coffee. Another recommended dessert dish is the Izmeir Ice Cream (NT$80), which is ice cream mixed with dried fruit. Both are great dessert choices.




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