Nobunaga Japanese Restaurant


Nobunaga Japanese Restaurant


Nobunaga Japanese Restaurant

(02) 2717-5511
170, FuXing N Rd
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30-11 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Minimum charge NT$1,000/person in
private box seating.

A huge portrait of the restaurant's namesake hangs on the wall at Nobunaga; this portrait of the 16th century 'daimyo', or feudal lord, fits well with troughs of wavy white sand, large gray stones, and flowing streams of water, which make the place as tranquil as a traditional Japanese temple. The executive chef, a Japanese native, has over three decades of culinary experience. At Nobunaga you can get set meals or a la carte dishes like the Assorted Grilled Skewers (主廚推薦燒烤NT$380), Dragon Rolls (火龍捲NT$320), Rainbow (Sushi) Rolls (彩虹壽司NT$280), or Red Snapper with Orange Vinegar (鯛魚生魚片佐橙醋NT$280). The friendly, professional staff members are not only fluent in Japanese, but also perform a traditional sticky rice cake rolling ceremony during dinnertime. --By Sunny Chang, translated by Ann Lee

A. At the moment, Nobunaga offers lunch meal sets including Matsu (松NT$980), Take (竹NT$580), Ume (梅NT$380), and the Chef's Recommendation (主廚推薦NT$1,280). The Ume meal offers a choice of Tuna with Onions, Teriyaki Chicken, Beef, or Eel.

B. The Matsu Sushi Course is a sumptuous meal (松壽司套餐NT$2,000) that comes with nine courses; however, If you want to try the Salted Red Snapper (barbecued-style), you need to make reservations ahead of time.