Toasteria Cafe


Toasteria Cafe


Toasteria Cafe

(02) 2731-8004
2, Lane 248, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4
Hours: Mon-Wed 8 am-10 pm, Thu-Sat 8-4 am; closed Sundays
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.

Toasteria Cafe is one of those places that pleasantly surprises you when you actually stop and check it out. Within the tiny (3-5 pings) of store space are wooden floors, mosaic tiled tables, and wallpaper from owner Tomer's grandma, creating a cozy ambiance unlike any other place. Attention is paid to small details like the book shelves, tiny lamps, plants and soft music. Tomer adds, "Toasteria is a place that you can step inside and take a breath, away from your busy day." You can feel energized again after tasting the Panini Sandwiches (NT$70-105), and a nice cup of joe. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Andy Lin

A. An Israeli, Tomer has learned the tricks of the game from years spent in New York. He also plays music. Tomer and wife Jun are the members of the band Neon, in which he is the guitarist.

B. There are more than 20 kinds of panini on the menu, made with three kinds of cheese: Feta, Cheddar and Gouda (NT$75). The creamy, crispy texture makes them quite the delectable combo. Fish and Chips (NT$130) is another speciality and you should try the Gouda Salad (NT$100).