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We Love

Lucky set meals

12-8, Beishihzih, Sanzhi Township, Taipei County
(02) 8635-3792
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-12 pm,
Sat 11 am-2 am, Sun 11 am-10 pm

On route from Danshuei towards Sanjhih Township on Provincial Highway 2, there's a secluded area called Cianshueiwan, chock full of quaint coffee houses. One of these places, We Love, was created by a young fellow named Mike; his dream was to make a scenic paradise for beach lovers, where customers could relax with a few friends and a few mugs of coffee.

Mike's diverse background has brought a lot of interesting elements and attracted all kinds of people who really can't be found anywhere else. Every so often, a group of heavy-duty motorcyclists gather here; other times, there will be a gaggle of pets and their human friends hanging out. Guests will also see Mike's surf boards resting against the walls, a testament to his love of water sports.

Mike wants all his friends and visitors understand a thing or two about the name "We Love". This name does not explain what "We", he and his customers, "love" exactly but, rather, serves as a reminder to find beauty and love everywhere, especially in the colors of the sunset, the sandy beach and the cooling sea breeze. Overall, Mike wants to share his belief that everyone should pursue what they like and celebrate life.

And it is easy to eat, drink and be merry while enjoying what Mike brings to the table. The Spaghetti with Beef in Pesto Sauce (NT$200) is the top seller here; another favorite, the made-to-order Fruit Pizza (NT$230), is pretty popular with kids. Their Chicken Salad Roll (NT$230) has a Tex-Mex feel; it's wrapped in a green, spinach and basil tortilla and filled with smoked chicken and fruit.

Light food and sweet tunes make for a pleasant atmosphere at We Love; Mike hopes that more expat friends will get out of the city and come enjoy a day at Cianshueiwan. But beware--you might get so distracted by the tasty food that you'll forget to watch the sunset! --By Timothy Liang, translated by Ann Lee

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