Sugamo Konaya Curry Udon


Sugamo Konaya Curry Udon


Sugamo Konaya Curry Udon

(02) 2751-3568
306, GuangFu S Rd
Hours:11:30 am-10 pm
MRT: LiuZhang Li
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.
MRT: SYS Memorial Station #2 Exit

For those keen on Japanese dining in Taiwan, the name Konaya should be familiar. The cozy Sugamo Konaya Curry Udon takes up only six pings of space, but it's always filled with people lining up and waiting to be served. Taiwanese consumers have plenty of options when it comes to dining out, so for a place that sells only curry udon (Japanese noodles), Sugamo Konaya seems to be doing extremely well. Now, the founder of this dainty Japanese noodle store, Mr. Togawa, is opening up his first branch on GuangFu Road. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Andy Lin

A. The Curry Udon with Brown Rice (NT$280, set) is the least expensive, and one of top choices here. Their signature curry soup takes three days to make and it took Mr. Togawa four years to get the recipe exactly right! His curry secret lies in apples, onions, milk, and 22 other kinds of fruits and spices. The rich smell of the soup and handmade udon noodles are an unbeatable combination.

B. You should try the Fried Shrimp Tempura and Rice Cakes with Curry Sauce. Another dish, the Poached Egg (溫泉玉子) is supposed to be stirred into the soup so that the egg yolk mixes with the curry flavor. For a tasty treat, have a sweet Banana Soy Milk (NT$80).