Chue Ye

Chue Ye
Chili peppers and beer come
together in Chun Ye's Beer
Duck (NT$320), another spicy
Sichuan specialty.

Chue Ye
Buried in colorful peppers, the
Diced Chicken with Chilis and
Nuts (NT$230) has a spicy, full

Chue Ye
With tender meat and
refreshing slices of ginger, the
Capsicum with Duck Slices
(NT$200) packs a pleasing
flavor and looks good on the


Chue Ye

By Dipal Khatri Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

36, Lane 188, WenHua Rd, Sec 1, Banqiao City, Taipei County; (02) 2257-1331
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9:30 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
No smoking.
MRT: XinPu Station #2 Exit

When speaking of Sichuan cuisine in the Taipei area, the name Guo Chu-yi is inevitably dropped and Mr. Guo is often referred to as the "King of Sichuan Cuisine". At Chun Ye, diners can experience his master culinary skills, which he has been honing since the age of 13. Once a year, Guo travels to Sichuan to keep up to date with new cooking trends and bring authentic ingredients back to Taiwan. Chun Ye is located next to the Youkukou Thin Noodles Shop in Banqiao; the creative Chinese restaurant is not huge, but it's tastefully decorated in sky-blue and red accents.

One of the main ingredients in Sichuan cuisine is red pepper; a good, peppery choice at Chun Ye is Diced Chicken with Chilis and Nuts (NT$230). The dried peppers add a lot of character and aroma, but not too much spiciness. Other good choices are the Drunken Shrimp with Peppers and Beer Duck (NT$320).

Chue Ye Chue Ye
The Spicy Potatoes
(NT$190) are prepared
with dried chili peppers
and the chefs' specialty oil.

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