Akaoni Miso Noodles


Akaoni Miso Noodles


Akaoni Miso Noodles

19, Lane 170, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4
停業 Closed

While living in Tokyo, Kalin, the co-owner of Akaoni Miso Noodles, visited Mr. Mazda's noodle shop whenever he could. After becoming close friends, the duo decided to open up an eatery right here in Taiwan. The noodles inside each noodle dish at Akaoni weigh exactly 150 grams. Each 22-centimeter-long noodle is carefully bent and placed strategically in a bowl, so that the soup can be absorbed better. Sometimes, when the soup is not up to snuff with the chef's standards, the whole pot gets chucked right out the window, leaving them closed for the entire day! That in itself is a serious statement about the quality the chefs at Akaoni insist on--they would rather close than serve less-than-perfect food. --By Joan Chang, translated by Ann Lee

A.The soup accompanying the Akaoni Ramen Noodles (NT$190-210) is made by stewing a pork bone for eight hours and then adding a spring water egg and soup stock. Afterwards, barbecued pork, homemade bamboo shoots, mushrooms and some spicy miso paste are added to the mix.

B. The chewy Ramen with Miso Paste (NT$190) is made with a distilled liquor from Okinawa, nine different miso pastes, green onions, minced pork and a fresh egg yolk. Seafood Ramen (NT$190) is another popular dish with refreshing soup base and seafood, as well as barbecued pork and spring water eggs. Salt-flavored Ramen (NT$170) is made with rock salt and Japanese onions.