Angkor Wat Eatery


Angkor Wat Eatery


Angkor Wat Eatery

45, Lane 313, FuXing N Rd
Moved to: 454, ChangChun Rd, SongShan Dist.
Hours:11 am-8:30 pm (closed holidays)
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.

MRT: Nanjing East Road Station

Generally speaking, no particular dishes represent Cambodia, most are used to eating a lot of meat and dining at places that serve delicate dishes. However, some yearn for simple, inexpensive snack-type dishes that are quick and convenient--the kind served in small alleys. Ankor Wat Eatery is just such a place located behind The Sherwood. Owner Tina comes from Cambodia and used to run a stall selling Vietnamese-style snacks, but now, she is introducing flavours from her hometown. In comparison to Vietnamese food, Cambodian-style dishes have more spices and are more tangy and doesn't feature a lot of lettuce. Most customers tend to go for rice noodle or cold mixed dishes. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. Although somewhat shy, Tina is inviting and always pleasant. She still doesn't speak Mandarin that fluently, but everyone always feels welcome. Ordering take-out yields a NT$10 discount on all the main course items.

B. Vegetable Spring Roll (2 for NT$50), made with a combination of cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, Cantonese-style vegetables and Chinese basil, is the most popular dish at Angkor Wat. Instead of mixing the contents with shrimp like most Vietnamese-style spring rolls, this spring roll is wrapped with sauteed pork strips and peanut powder. Tomato with 100 Year Egg (NT$50) is a new dish this summer, don't forget to try it!