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53-1, YongKang St (close to JinHua intersection)
Hours: Mon-Sat
11 am-10 pm; Sun 12 am-9 pm
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.

Lately, fresh handmade burgers are making a name for themselves in Taipei's dining scene; if you are a fan of American-style burgers, but are not so keen on getting a cup of grease with your meat, then California Grill is definitely worth checking out. Although the space in this hamburger joint is small, the owners are proud of the USDA approved beef they offer to customers (and for this particular reason alone, they can beat other well-known competitors out there!). California Grill has an open-style kitchen, so customers can take a peek at chefs while they cook the generous patties. The Salmon Fillet Burger (with pesto sauce/NT$190) is made with fresh, top-grade salmon. The Tofu Burger (NT$120) is a popular choice among vegetarians. All the hamburger buns at California Grill are handmade, organic, and come in two flavors—original and whole grain. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. Wei, Betty, Brian, and Extra (from L to R) are the four owners of California Grill. Brian, who is Canadian, is in charge of developing recipes.

B. Available at California Grill: Dad's Root Beer (NT$30) and the Super-thick Mofo Burger (NT$180), which is fabulous with juicy bacon and tasty beef—don't forget to ask for pickles!