TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2007.


8, Lane 69, AnHe Rd, Sec. 1
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Years ago, the first Chinese emperor, Qing Shi Huang, sent his trusted noble, Xi Fu, to Japan to search for the secret to long life. Although the mystical substance was never found, this new health-conscious hotpot spot looks to this story for inspiration. They emphasize pure, fresh ingredients and include an array of unique choices: the rare find pig cheek, the succulent cod chin, and the atypical (but oh so tasty) goose liver. You can order sets for groups of six to eight (NT$6,000-12,000), individual sets (NT$298-600), or a la carte. Don't miss out on the fruit-flavoured Shawa drinks. --By Julia Koprak, translated by Kiki Wu

A. One creative addition to the menu is the special DIY seafood noodles. Made with squid, octopus and a small amount of flour, this might be a strange concept for some, but the flavour isn't too fishy and there is a nice chewy consistency. Plus, they're fun to make.

B.The intricate interior design is unlike most hot pot joints, with custom-made, sculpted pots, subdued lighting and a classy Japanese motif. Downstairs you'll find an imperial seat where two can dine while perched on couches.