TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2007.


28, Lane 260, GuangFu S Rd
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Kyoto, where Kansai cuisine grew famous, inspired this brown timber exterior, located two alleys down from the MRT station's Exit #2. Inside, sketches and commentaries by food expert Adam Lin are displayed everywhere; he is the heart and soul behind the cuisine here. With a background in restaurant management in Japan, he is careful about what he serves. Kyoto cuisine is particular about maintaining the original colour and taste of ingredients as well as the arrangement--every dish is like a work of art. He is proud of the fresh daily-catch fish dishes. However, the availability of their fistular and needlefish dishes depends on the luck of the fishermen that day. The variety of fish includes salmon, squid (great for sashimi), and amberjack; others like needlefish, horse mackerel, sea bream and blackbar filefish are offered when available. Chefs here use cutting techniques to bring out the unique individual flavors of these fish. --By Eden Lin, translated by Ann Lee

A. Sashimi Combo (NT$480+, depending on season). The combination of needlefish, sweet salmon and mouth-watering squid satisfies both eyes and taste buds.
B. After processing, these pricey fish are air-dried and seasoned for three days before becoming the relishing grilled delicacies of robatayaki.