TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, December, 2006.




New Tasty restaurants open at Taipei
JiLong and XinZhuang XinTai

JiLong Road store reservation hotline:( 02 ) 2720-9002
94, JiLong Road, 1-2F (Intersection of JiLong Rd & GuangFu S. Rd)
XinZhuang XinTai store reservations:(02) 2992-1303
303, XinTai Road, 2F, XinZhuang (SinJhuang) City, Taipei County
(intersection of XinTai Road & FuXing Road)
Hours:11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Toll free:0800-440-800

Tasty Steak is crowd-pleasing in terms of its prices. Recently, it opened two outlets, one on JiLong Road and a XinTai branch in XinZhuang (SinJhuang). Coinciding with seasonal dish changes and focusing on the theme "Love Affairs", Tasty has added nine new winter dishes with flower and fruit themes. Appetizers include Italian Beef Pancakes sprinkled with rich cheese--crispy and fragrant after baking in the oven. The Rose Fruit Tart is a hard-to-resist, creative salad with fresh fruit like tomatoes, green papayas and apples. Sprinkled with rose sauce, it helps balance out the guilt of a big meal. The main course, Beef a La Cacciatore, an oven-baked, crispy steak that uses choice imported beef, has a juicy texture and sweet flavor. Fragrant Herb Tea and Rose Tea are recommended for beauty-conscious ladies.

A. Provence Roast Lamb Chop, with ingredients imported from New Zealand, is baked at high temperatures to a succulent, tasty, medium-done texture.

B. Confidently using a free curve, the JiLong Road outlet is decorated with a red ribbon that winds from first to second floor.

--By Josie Wu, translated by Mei Lee