Oi! ze!


--By Josie Wu, translated by Sho Huang

Brazilian Marcelo opened Oi! Ze! because of a fateful romance in Paris with a Taiwanese girl. Most know much more about Brazil's football and Carnival than its food. That country, once colonized by European nations for 200 years, is a melting pot of races. Its cuisine, influenced by European and African cultures, is rich and colourful as a result. Instead of sugar, chili is an essential seasoning for Brazilian food, which tends to have a heavier flavour. Marcelo prepares jars of chili sauce in the shop. Feijoada (NT$599), a poverty cuisine slave Dish, is made with salted, smoked pig's tail, pig ears, pig's foot, salty bacon, smoked sausage and black beans. All of these are cooked for hours with a few pieces of orange and shredded cabbage. Corn Stewed Pork Chop (NT$200), Bolinho (NT$100), Bife Acebolado (NT$180) and barbecue are all traditional dishes. For even more Brazilian passion, order Caipirinha (NT$160), a sugar cane drink.

A. Oi! Ze! means "Hi, my friend!" in Portuguese. If you want traditional Feijoada, don't forget to make reservations in advance.
B. Oven Baked Pork (NT$299), Camarao Alho e olio (NT$300) and Pao de Queijo (NT$150).