TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September, 2006.

22, QingCheng Street
(02) 2514-9495
Hours: 11:30 am-
11:30 pm
MRT: NanJing East Road Station
Credit cards accepted.
10% Service Charge


The end of summer heat is near which means it's time to get back outside before the chill of winter freezes out outdoor opportunities. Patio nuts hardly have the opportunity to enjoy the many outdoor cafes that are available in Taichung or Kaohsiung--but this month we present you with a couple of options here in town.

--By Phill Feltham Translated by Ann Li & Picker Chen


The NanJing East Road MRT Station has a well kept secret--a cafe that serves French and Italian cuisine. A 10-minute walk away, surrounded by banks and other big buildings, you'll find the Joyce Cafe.

Joyce has been a quiet escape for many employees of local businesses for the past 13 years. The restaurant's white patio at Joyce is simply exquisite. Encased within a tall black fence, almost everything on the patio is completely white. Each round table has a white umbrella to preserve the cool autumn air and a hard white seat to temporarily lift the day's heavy burdens.

"It's hard to find good food combined with a garden," said Manager Sharon Wang.
During spring and autumn weekends, the patio becomes quite busy. Joyce hosts a BBQ serving appetizers, pasta, meats and other food selections. For NT$1800 per person, this is an offer suited more for that special anniversary or birthday--but their French or Italian food makes it worthwhile.

90, SongRen Road
(02) 2345-5549
Hours: 12 pm-3 am
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
No minimum charge.


More recently developed XinYi district plays host to some of the greats in local entertainment. First, there's New York New York Shopping Center, then slightly down on the opposite side of the road you'll see the gigantic Warner Village movie complex. But it doesn't stop there. In the building next to Warner Village, tucked away in the back of the "Neo 19" building, is In House.

In House has one of the biggest garden patios in the XinYi area. During the day, the patio is a great place to sit back and enjoy some good ole Western food during tea time. However, at night, the lounge bar provides a different kind of "chill-out experience".

On the patio, there are long, comfortable black couches offering up relaxation while imbibe your choice of cocktail, brew, or wine (bottle or glass). If it's a night to be safe, then non-alcoholic drinks are available, too.
If you have an hour to kill for lunch, swing by and admire the excellent view of Taipei 101 while enjoying a conversation with co-workers, friends or family. There is a dinner set menu until 9:30 p.m. and the restaurant boasts a huge dining area.

On wet nights, the patio can look pretty lonely, but inside In House stays busy. A DJ keeps the place lively on Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends. The lounge style music inside is the perfect backdrop for the interior. The bar takes center stage but the glass walls and a small candle on each black table to add a little ambiance to a simply decorated atmosphere. I suggest the Monkey Circus cocktail. It's NT$250, a little on the steep side price-wise, but the buzz totally makes up for it.