TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September, 2006.


176, XingAn Street; (02) 2716-9179
HoursĄG10 am-10 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge. Smoking outside only.
MRT: Close to Nanjing East Road Station
or Zhongshan Junior High School Station.

Wine expert Norn Tang has teamed up with two partners to turn the old Bacchus Wine Bar into a snack spot serving pasta, quiche, sandwiches, chocolate and non-alcoholic beverages, just some of the tasty treats added to the menu. The innovatively-made chocolates grab the taste buds and relieve the wallet of guilt at only NT$35. The restaurant, coined Bon Heur (French for "happiness"), still offers a variety of wine. With at least a day advance notice, their menu is also available for larger orders for special occasions. Taiwan Fun Magazine is required to remind readers not to drink and drive.

A. A light-tasting Tuna, Tomato and Green Pepper Quiche (NT$150) with a side order of salad makes for a great lunch. Sit in Bon Heur's small yet intimate atmosphere and satisfy those afternoon cravings.
B. Rock Chocolates (NT$35/each) and Oolong Tea Chocolates (NT$35/each) make for a great dessert. Try some of Bon Heur's fresh juices (NT$100) to wash the rich flavors down.

--By Phill Feltham, translated by Kiki Wu