Take-away : Cello Pasta

14, Lane 31, YongKang Street
(02) 2392-1626
Hours: 12-2 pm
5:10-9 pm(closed Mondays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

--By Julia Koprak, Cynthia Aylward, Claire Tyrell, Charles McHale Translated by Picker Chen

If your ideal take-away is pasta, then look no further than Cello Pasta. Tucked away on a corner behind YongKang Park is this savory little take-away. Cello Pasta opened eight years ago, the brainchild of owners Irene and her musician partner Cello Fan. They both loved pasta and cooking and wanted a restaurant that would serve up delicious pasta at reasonable prices. Using local ingredients, they serve up pasta that combines the best from East and West and the results are scrumptious. The menu changes daily and always includes a choice of five pasta dishes and one risotto. Options include; white wine sauce with shrimp and tomato, cheese risotto with mushroom, and chicken and truffle. Or you can choose your standard pesto or meat sauce to top one of their freshly-made pastas. Vegetarian options are always available on their extensive menu. Portions range in price from NT$160 to NT$240. I have had some dodgey 'Yidali Mian' in the past, and Cello Pasta is one of the few places that gets it right.