(02) 2751-0086, 2752-0452
81, DaAn Rd., Sec. 1
Hours:7 am-11 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

--By Azure Tung, translated by C. Donovan Smith

Named for the child of the owner, this restaurant is managed with similar tender care. With years of overseas study, Chef Jimmy Chiang brings a mixture of European and Japanese experiences to the table. Devotion to quality is evident in dishes like the Roasted Spring Chicken Provence Style, which is well-spiced and so juicy you need to take care not to burn yourself when taking a bite. Other dishes include the fragrant, soft-boned Red Wine Beef Stew Omelet Rice (NT$400) and the Spicy Beef Pasta (NT$368), which features a ma la hotpot sauce. Breakfasts, lunches, authentic tiramisu and exquisite puddings are also on offer. Lunches come with salad and an endless supply of freshly baked bread. Jack aims to offer five star quality at reasonable prices, and their devotion to the task is worth checking out.

A. Pan-Seared Cod, Saffron Lemon Sauce (set meal NT$980). Tender cod in a fragrant sauce; light, flavourful and enhanced with fresh fig.
B. Enjoy JACK's classic, candlelit decor enhanced with soft jazz.