AMANA (Banciao Branch)

(02) 2955-9958
216, SanMing Rd., Sec. 1, 1F, Banciao City,
Taipei County (Cathay Life Bldg)
Hours:8 am-12 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Until now, it hasn't been possible to get a good but reasonably-priced cup of coffee in the bustling area around the Carrefour in Banciao. With the arrival of AMANA, quality coffee is now available for a mere NT$35. The manager, Mr. Chou Hsiao-Ho, started in the coffee business when he was a high school freshman 25 years ago. He is determined to use his extensive experience to choose quality beans and then carefully oversee their roasting and brewing to produce a fine, fragrant product. The menu features detailed descriptions of the source of the coffee beans or tea, the recipe applied and taste descriptions. Among a handful of light meals on offer, their Yang Zhou and flat rice noodles are particularly popular. --By Shanzi Chen, translated by C. Donovan Smith

A. AMANA Ice Coffee (NT$160). Brewed from special espresso beans, the drink is quickly cooled to below zero and crushed ice and frothy milk added.

B. Modern and distinctive, the decor exudes a quiet warmth. The open bar arrangement allows for observation of the pros at work.