Vegetarian Dining---Vege

623, BeiAn Road
(02) 2533-0818
Open: 11:30 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.
No smoking. Parking available.
10% service charge.

---By Claire Tyrell Translated by Tre Gordon

This charming restaurant in DaZhi has a distinctly European feel, with dark floors and furniture, white walls and large arched windows caressed by the trees outside. The food, however, shows wider influences as Mrs. Huang talks enthusiastically of the menu she created using ideas from Europe, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. Attention is also paid to food preparation, using mostly organic ingredients, olive oil, and no eggs. Combo meals are served with fresh dressed salad, thick pumpkin or corn soup with bread, dessert and drink, and most can be ordered as a single course. The menu is extensive and inviting, but recommended are the Chinese Fondu with Spices (NT$680), Baked Fried Beef Tenderloin (soy bean protein) (NT$580/380), and Balsed Mushroom Rice with Cream Cheese (NT$420/260). I have also enjoyed both the Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Vegetables (NT$360/220) and the Fried Rice with Pesto (NT$360/220). Good teas, coffees, and healthy herbal drinks are also available.