Vegetarian Dining---Lotus

178, ZhongYang S. Road, Sec. 1, Beitou district
(02) 2898-4488
Hours: 11 am-9:30 pm (lunch 11-2:30 pm,
dinner 5-9:30 pm)
MRT: Qi Yan
Credit cards not accepted.

---By Claire Tyrell Translated by Tre Gordon

A lovely surprise near the QiYan MRT stop is the new Lotus restaurant, part of the Buddhist school of wisdom. This place exudes serenity and style, with beautiful Chinese furniture and pictures, Tibetan decorations, and intricate design. Buddhist vegetarian ideas are key, but food is also seen in terms of energy and a feeling of peace. A lot of vegetarian food uses too much oil and salt, and pretends to be meat, manager Helen Lin explained, but here they focus on natural food and its pure, original flavours in order to create a new vegetarian style. On the menu you will find, amongst other items, Spanish Style Rice (NT$250), Spicy Japanese-style Noodles (NT$150), pasta and tacos. Or ring ahead for the special set menu (NT$580 per person). This features 12 dishes, including teas, soups, vinegars, salads and the dishes of the day. Although the names stay the same, the creative flair here means the meal itself will vary. So, step in ... and wind down.