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Vino Vino Cafe Restaurant

Vino Vino: 2, Lane 80, ShiDa Rd.
(02) 2362-1167?2363-6155
Two Fish Cafe Restaurant:
10, Lane 93, ShiDa Rd.
(02) 2362- 3271
Hours: Sun-Thurs 11 pm-3 am, Fri- Sat 10 pm-5 am; 10 pm-5 am
Open daily 10 pm-5 am during winter/summer vacations
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

--By Shanzi Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra

When Two Fish Cafe Restaurant opened its doors on an alley of ShiDa Road in 1991, the area was quiet but had a rich artistic air about it. Two Fish's relaxed Greek-style atmosphere made it more interesting and it has remained a very popular meeting place for the younger generation. At the dawn of the new millennium, owner Mr. Xu Shu Ming opened Vino Vino Cafe Restaurant on ShiDa Road with Spanish-style architecture. Since then, it has been much-loved by locals and foreigners and has added an extra dash of exotica to the increasingly internationalized ShiDa Road. However, successful restaurants cannot rely only on fancy decor, as truly great food is the way to restaurant longevity. During the first half of the year, Mr. Xu employed experienced chef Mr. Wu Fu Guo, from Shanghai, to take charge. The Spice Cream Seafood Risotto (NT$250) is rich in cheese and seafood but not overwhelming for the appetite. The Italy Seafood Pumpkin Soup (NT$120) features a daring combination of ingredients. There is a true sense of ease here at Vino Vino and, whether you're looking for romance, excitement or simply great food -- it is almost guaranteed to satisfy your needs.