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Teen Hangouts
Fish House
57, HanZhong St., 2~3F
(02) 2375-6521
2, Lane 27, ChengDu Rd.
(02) 2314-0255
107, HanZhong St., 2F
(02) 2375-6557
55, HanZhong St., 2F
(02) 2370-3179
Open: 11 am-2 am
(opens 10 am holidays)

--By Shanzi Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra

Mention bubble tea restaurants in Taipei City and most young people will mention Fish House. The blue and white decor and the swing chairs make a special impression. Owner Mr. Hsu enjoys keeping fish and he likes watching them swimming freely in the water, which is why he chose blue skies, ocean and beaches as the theme of his first restaurant. He designed the long, swing-style chairs, which remind people of fish swinging their tails as they swim. These chairs have made this bubble teashop very popular in Taipei City. Established in 1994, Fish House is already 12 years old. Around five or six years ago, Shell House, Funny Fish and the Japanese-style Tea House were opened. There is a very special drink here called "Lucky Dip", designed for customers who cannot make up their minds about what to drink. The international meals here also provide a wide variety of choices for customers.